For a woman who shines from within and is capable of transforming her frailties into strengths.
For an independent and dynamic woman who does not give up on femininity, romanticism or seduction.
For a woman who cultivates a rebellious spirit.

Rossorame will accompany you everyday regardless of contradictions and challenges facing you; giving you the freedom to be creative in expressing what’s in your soul and who you are.


Between the two creators of Rossorame, Bruno Simeone and Daniele Del Genio, there is a positive and generative force: matter and idea, form and soul, style and organization.

Like yin and yang in the perpetual balancing game, Rossorame finds balance in the opposite but at the same time deliberately interdependent concepts of creativity and sustainability.


Rossorame creates with the utmost respect for people, living beings and the planet.

Our ethical choice is made with the foundations of actions that put the priority on sustainability and respect for the planet and nature.

For these reasons we dedicate our choices as an Italian manufacturer to the country in which we operate to have as short a supply chain as possible. All the raw materials we use are scrutinized closely.