Summer 2022

The past is a precious witness, it tells of how we were, it reveals what we are, and just sometimes, it announces what we could become.

In particular, Puglia’s glorious roots in Magna Graecia tell of the extraordinary civilisation that populated the Mediterranean more than two thousand years ago.
The splendours of that era have inspired RR’s Summer 2022 collection: a voyage of discovery of treasures and mythology in pop tones.

The all over Hellenic prints with indigenous symbols in bright colours such as fuchsia and orange or blue and cerise, show how contemporary colour harmonies bring memories of sunsets in the South to mind.
RR’s summer garments are made in silks as light as a summer breeze, amid fringed organza, and woven cotton in copper: all fabrics and finishes that evoke the ancient art of Taranto weaving.

A legendary era that Rossorame wanted to pay homage to as a good omen for the future. A collection designed and created to remind us that we have been poets, artists and philosophers and that we all belong to the same wonderful sea.

model @naka_rana
photographer @smallworldphotovideo / @amit_almagor / @rtkrmsk
videographer @ss.vid
hmua @kayeintechnicolor / @_kino._