Kana gives us an insight into her life in Tokyo wearing Rossorame

In Japan she teaches catwalk walking; not just to models
but to everyone who wants to develop their unique style

* Can you tell us who you are and what you do (work)?

My name is Kana and I’m from Tokyo Japan. I’m a fashion model, and teacher of catwalk/ beautiful walking, not only for models but also everyone who wants to walk correctly and stylishly. Im also the director of fashion shows, collaborating on fashion × art shooting, and sometimes a dancer.

* How was your passion for fashion born?

I realized I liked fashion when I was a junior high school student. I joined dance club during this time, and I had several opportunities to dance on-stage while wearing cool-dramatic costumes which we had made. Designing and making those costumes for each unique performance created my passion for fashion.

* The Rossorame garment with which you felt most connected to, that is, which represents your spirit in particular.

Fashion is how I express who I am. Rossorame is very close to the woman I want to be. Wearing Rossorame makes me feel free and liberated, filled with confidence.
I especially love these 2 garments; “Blouse pink silk crepe, Puff sleeves in pink tulle and collar in yellow cotton” and “THE HILLS BLACK BIKER JACKET”.
I really like the unique designs and shapes – I can feel the spirit of passion in both, the soft texture and the comfort of wearing. The most amazing thing Is to feel the great balance between “unique” “stylish” and “elegance” from Rossorame.

* In combining the outfits you were already thinking about the places where you wanted to wear them, if so, which ones and why.

I felt all of the last collection was unique and powerful. I wanted to express the attraction and power of central Tokyo – a place full of energy and movement – which represents the heart of fashion in japan.
Through my sense of fashion and style I directed the shoot to combine the unique fashion esscense of Italy and the Rossarame label with the atmosphere of Tokyo – channeled through the creative expression of my valuable team.

* In recent years, fashion has been literally overwhelmed and pervaded by social media: they have certainly made it more open and democratic. How do you imagine it in the future?

Social media is a fixed part of our cultural life. I think that social media will continue to extend its influence in every industry and particularly in fashion. I think it has democratized the ability of fashion-conscious consumers to see and buy clothing across the entire globe. I can discover new fashionable labels from countries i could never have imagined finding in the pre-social media fashion world.
Seeing the photos and videos of these brands inspires me as a model to express myself and I know that social media has this effect to me and many others and will continue to do so into the future.

* What does it mean to be a woman today?

For me, the meaning of being a woman today is to both strong yet soft and flexible – and to enjoy the energy and atmosphere of fashion even when I’m a grandma!

* What steps should the fashion system take to be truly inclusive today?

Now people have begun to think more about the environment of our planet. We really need to take action – I think many brands are trying to find a path to a sustainable fashion industry but we should keep trying and making that action more deep and effective. This solution must not be a temporary movement or trend-based – this needs to be a new way forward for the whole industry.

* What are your future projects?

I want to travel around the world to experience different emotions and places and then express what inspires me in photo and video works.
I’m currently developing a photo and video project combing fashion and art using the new collection from Rossorame- so I hope to create a dynamic and exciting work!


* What is the last movie you saw?

* What is your meaning of style?
mode × unique × elegance

* Your proudest achievement?
Holding my own exhibition with Japanese traditional and mode fashion × art

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