Rossorame’s spring 2022 collection is an explicit homage to pivotal moments for women in the 1990’s; namely Madonna’s Erotica concept album and Basic Instict, both of which are in their 30th anniversary of release. ‘Explicit’ is an invitation to all women to show their sensuality and be the dominatrix in their own game of love.

Self-determination, eroticism and mystery are communicated through the lines, fabrics and details of the collection. Inspired by the looks of the Italian-American pop icon and Sharon Stone’s performance in cinemas in 1992; those looks that caused scandals yet at the same time aroused admiration, both in women and in men.

And it is precisely in the fluidity of the roles that Rossorame aims for diversity, suggesting an androgynous and unscrupulous woman, who expresses her emancipation by wearing seductive corsets with masculine trousers.

If the autumn / winter collection stimulated an intimate preparation for change, now it is time to show oneself: erotic without fear, and preserving all the nuances of one’s personality. What we are is never fulfilled in a single image, we are a multitude of ideas, meanings and experiences.

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