What does Drusilla Foer represent for Rossorame? The persistent search to reach her artistic and cultural levels through design and fashion. It is not only those things that defines her – she is also a fine example to mankind.

The clothes designed and made for her, which she wore on the Maurizio Costanzo Show, were given to her a few minutes before one of her shows. In the theater, past the security cordon, she was the one who welcomed the representatives of Rossorame, from Martina Franca, to deliver the outfit to her. On the stage, and protected by the stage curtain, a space usually dedicated to rehearsals, the stage was simply dressed with a mirror and lights, so as not to miss a single detail of the outfits prepared by Bruno Simeone and the seamstresses of Rossorame.

What is striking is Drusilla’s serenity and how she welcomes the atelier’s group. The care she takes of her guests, and the lightness with which she accompanies the gestures, are nourishment for the soul. The white suit is masculine tradition full of feminine gracefulness. Rossorame pays attention to the details, to the button which in itself is a dry discussion almost to seem surreal, yet a detail that changes everything. A relationship made of needle and thread, of precious fabric and of soft lines.

That silk was cut and sewn to accompany Drusilla Foer on the stages and in her triumphs.

We with her, silently, plotting in the sunlight.

© Photo: BeyondBrothers